Dishing about Essential Oil Humor and How to have fun with Haters 😈 December 15, 2018 12:45 93 Comments | Author: Alexandria Purnell

Dishing about Essential Oil Humor and How to have fun with Haters 

How to Attract Your Ideal Client and Build Your Personal Brand Like a Boss with Special Guest Alex Purnell of Essential Oil Style December 12, 2018 17:02 70 Comments | Author: Alexandria Purnell

Drinking Game Alert: Every time you read about one of my failures, take a shot!

Alex's Fun Announcement for doTERRA's 2018 Convention September 15, 2018 14:15 73 Comments | Author: Alexandria Purnell

*Performing* is my chocolate and *Writing* is my peanut butter and the two shall come together in one unctuous night!  Wiseguys Comedy Club’s Open Mic; Wednesday; September 19 So for all you wallflowers who aren’t going to Gala; No crying. I want you laughing instead!! 

Doors open at 6:00pm. Show starts at 7:00 Admission $5. Must Be 21+ with Valid ID to enter.




Meet The Cholo Oiler April 21, 2018 09:35 42 Comments | Author: Alexandria Purnell


Psst Hey ..come want something that makes you feel good?
Come here!!  
It’s legal man! It’s Essential oils!
Essential oils are the real deal, Esé !

Check ‘dis out; So they use to call me “Loco”
and then I started using Lavender every day
and now they call me “Dreamer”  

My homie, “Shorty” he started using peppermint oil
and now they call him….well….they-still-call-him “Shorty”.
But now Shorty can take on Scrappy when they get in to it.

Check ‘dis out
These used to represent my tears for every of one my homies who’s died,
Now they represent oil drops for every Vato and Vata who’s purchased an oil starter kit from me.

Yeah I sell essential oils!
Yeah I’m in Network Marketing!  
What’s it to you dawg?
You prejudice?????

So if you want the down low about the essential oil culture that’s taking over the streets Homes, Follow Essential Oil Style on Facebook and Instagram,
They sell the dopest oil shirts even for us homies ...

Get Chillio's shirt: ESSE (ntial oils)

An Essential Oil Movie? April 11, 2018 12:00 | Author: Alexandria Purnell

An Essential Oil Movie? Why yes! "Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils" by Holy Moly Studios produced a fascinating docu-style film that blends science and biblical history on the subject of oils. It made my belief in oils even stronger.

The most anticipated event in the U.K. and Europe April 7, 2018 15:03 | Author: Alexandria Purnell

“The countdown has begun; The most anticipated event in the U.K. and Europe is to take place the weekend of May 18th and 19th, here in London

🎶 All I Need is My Essential Oils 🎶 (Music Video) March 25, 2018 12:15 1 Comment | Author: Alexandria Purnell

Straight up straight up
i think im in love
Rosemary, Melissa, Rose/
i can’t get enough

Jasmine keep me laughing
and Ginger
so amazing/
people say I’m tripping
say its all infatuation/
best things in the world
got so many
people say I’m spoiled/

treat myself because I can afford
all these great essentials yea

Essential oil style
glam it up or go wild/

get turnt up or calm it down
i guarantee it’ll make you smile

all i need
all i need
all i need is my essential oils
I aint even gonna lie I swear I think that I’m in love

all i need
all i need
all i need is my essential oils
I aint even gonna lie I swear I think that I’m in love

essential oil style
much love

music credit @Keybeaux

Our Friend Keybeaux is wearing COPAIBA: Legal in all 50 States
and   Earth is my Homie 


Celebrating Our 2 Year Anniversary June 5, 2017 14:29 | Author: Alexandria Purnell

A deep heartfelt thank you to all our customers who 'get' what we are doing. We love each and every one of you!

These photos are from Jun 2016- May 31, 2017.

Red Pills, Rabbit Holes and My Health Journey June 26, 2016 13:16 | Author: Alexandria Purnell




"Saying 'no' to oils is like saying 'no' to the red pill"


In today's meme, I went a little deeper and shared my health journey through a Matrix reference...  


Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) says to Neo (Keanu Reeves) in The Matrix:   "This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill -- the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill -- you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes” 



If you've never seen the movie, Neo has a choice:  Stay in the fabricated reality of blissful ignorance or take the red pill and wake up to the scary harsh truth.  So what’s so scary about moving towards natural solutions for health?  Nothing really, it's the waking up to the truth about Western Medicine that might be a little scary for some. 




Many of us were raised to believe that doctors have all the answers and medicine is GOOD for us. Over twenty-five years ago, when I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, a chronic autoimmune condition, I had never even heard of the disease.  I should have just been obedient and taken whatever medicine that the doctor said I needed, but my body knew better. 


During my second opinion visit, the rheumatologist confirmed that I had the most serious form of lupus, which causes my body's immune system to attack it’s own healthy tissue. There is no cure and it's potentially life-threatening. He said that my only option was to control the symptoms through steroid therapy, daily.  I immediately had a visceral reaction. Before my mind could process what the Dr. said, my body had already declared, “No, don't it!”


I heard my body loud and clear:  This "medicine" would make me even more ill than I already was.  So as firmly as I could muster, I told my doctor:   Umm... I don't think...ah ..I really wanna do... ah...that steroid thing... is there something else I can do?  My doctor who looked like a black Santa Claus, round, jolly, kind sparking eyes, the kind of person you could trust to give you only the best advice, firmly said:

"If you don't do it, there's a 90 percent chance you won't live past 30." 

The wise old doctor had done his best attempt to scare this young foolish girl into action.  I left with the prescription in hand and a follow-up appointment booked.  But still couldn't ignore what my body was firmly telling me.  The most optimistic spin I could give this whole situation was, Turning 30 is a long ways away and who wants to be old anyways?'


As family and friends were told of my condition, stories began to trickle in. Such-and-such knows someone with lupus, A friend of a friend also has lupus too. Either they weren’t doing well or had died from it. When I shared with my family, that I didn't think I was going to do the treatment that the doctor was recommending, they too looked in horror at this young foolish girl.


I get it, what did I know?  Yet every time, I thought of filling my prescription or going back to the doctor, my body shuttered in protest.   I’ve had these somatic communications before. In the past, my body had warned me of dangerous diet habits I was practicing;  my body would get the heebie-jeebies with certain boys even if the boy was cute;  and as cool as I wanted to be, my body would repulse if there were hard drugs being offered to me. My body had always been very protective of itself regardless of my agenda.        


So as educated as my doctor was; as loving as my family was; I had my own caring expert; my soft, squishy and imperfect 5'1" body. This body was like Yoda, maybe not the most beautiful thing, at least in my mind, but damn it had always guided towards the right decision. I never filled that prescription nor saw that Rheumatologist again. But there was no Plan B in place.



Each year, my flare-ups increased in intensity and intervals. Like some kind of suggestive clockwork, around 30 years old, my body started to seriously breakdown.  I was exhausted, battling constant malaise and in pain to the point where I couldn't even find a comfortable position to sleep. I was a young mom and was failing to be the active mom that I wanted to be. For the first time I thought of going back to the doctors and taking whatever they give me. But I wanted one more stab. 


Was there anything I could do on my own?                                                                                                                       

Any research about Lupus that I had done in the past had always echoed the doctors recommendation, but this time I began to add new keywords;  "alternative" and  "natural".  I stumbled on a forum for rheumatoid arthritis and someone spoke of "allergens" being triggers to their flare-ups.  So in a Hail Mary pass, I gave up dairy, wheat, sugar. In three short days, I was no longer in pain, A TRUE MIRACLE! Within ten days I had more energy and vitality than I had , even in high school. A TRUE AWAKENING!


I have power over my own health.


And overnight, I became passionate about alternative health and natural solutions.




Yes, my blood work still tests positive for lupus; Yes, I still have flare-ups but significantly fewer and less intense. But instead of being upset with my body when it starts not to work at 100 percent, I now see a flare-up as a new message from my body of what it currently needs.  My body has led me to yoga, take up running (and this girl use to forge notes from her mom to her PE teacher to get out of running. ) My body's diet request are fluid and ever-changing.  It's led me to herbal tinctures, crystals & gemstones, essential oils (of course) and energy medicine, just to name a few.




Just like any animal or plant form, I do see the body as a different intelligence. It's an organism of Earth, from Earth and different than from me, the soul. I am committed to listening and following whatever it's needs are. When I treat my body like a loving partner ( versus me treating it like my enemy when I was younger), my body serves me and becomes a more powerful vehicle for my soul's purpose and work.   If you haven't taken the red pill yet, you won't be able to imagine  "trusted" industries and companies wanting to keep your vehicle, sugared up, weak, addicted and sick.  Yes Neo, the rabbit hole goes very deep and that another conversation.



Okay, so I have to admit, it is not always a walk in the park doing or NOT doing what my body is asking me.  The few times I considered Botox, my body keeps repeating "Nope!"   Dang body sometimes you are the par-tay-poop-er!


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The Conception, Birth and Rearing of an Idea May 30, 2016 11:22 | Author: Alexandria Purnell

One year ago today, on May 30, an idea was conceived. Girlfriends on a hike, talking about their plans and goals, when suddenly those two plans collided into one magical fertilized idea. We giggled, high-fived and padded ourselves on the back for being so brilliant.

Within an hour of coming home from that hike, I announced to my husband of my new business venture and immediately started to work on it that afternoon.  I knew if I didn't act on it while I was high in the moment, the idea would leave. I had experienced what Elizabeth Gilbert, speaks of in BIG MAGIC: "Ideas are alive and seek the most available human collaborator to bring it forth"  Many great ideas had come to me throughout my life and I would always say... 'I'll do it when I have time' . The idea would flutter away then two years later, I would inevitably see "my" idea staring at me from a store shelf.  I wasn't going to let that happen this time.


But even for an optimistic dreamer who loves birthing ideas, the every day task of raising it, is a whole different story. It all began it feel too hard at the 4 month mark.  I already had a demanding graphic design company that I owned and family demands were increasing around that time as well.  In September, I wanted to quit.   Was I really capable of this?  I was feeding this idea all this time and money and it wasn't growing. I began doubting myself but never the idea. True light-bulb moments don't happen every day, not even every year. So I kept the faith that this idea had chosen me to bring it forth and I forged ahead. I could feel some of my family and friends think I was crazy for working so hard on what?... t-shirts?...for people who like essential oils? Huh?

Then in January, a breakthrough came: a Facebook post went viral. People were liking, sharing, tagging without any push.  Essential Oil Style's audience skyrocketed. I was re-energized and optimistic once more. I now even began saying "no" to my graphic design clients just to have more time for this new venture. This baby needed me and it finally began to grow-up into a business.


I never saw my customer as just an 'Essential Oiler' nor did I see this business as just a 't-shirt company'. I saw my potiential customers as small business owners, the same type of people I had been helping the last ten years in my graphic design company. They were the same type of person that I was, trying to carve out some freedom and independence by choosing to work for themselves. I knew this new company of mine could help them position and market their business a little better.  But just like in real life, conception is easy, birthing is hard and rearing an idea into adulthood is grueling.

Being an entrepreneur is a tough and lonely place. The sacrifices are steep. In a nascent business you're going to feel either guilty, crazy or ineffective on any given day.  So whether you are starting to sell oils or opening up a restaurant, how do you keep going? To quote Danielle LaPorte,  "In between faith and doubt you have to have obsession. You have to have obsession to stay faithful and you have to have obsession to ride out the doubt"   My obsession is freedom. I'm so obsessed with the idea of being a 'suitcase entrepreneur', working from anywhere I want in the world, that I'm willing to work like a slave right now for the chance of it. 

It's Memorial Day and I'm scheduled to clock 14 hours today because this business needs me to. This business is still so very young, lanky and awkward but I'm committed--okay obsessed--in raising it into a mature, capable business. A business that can possibly take care of me one day. 

What's your obsession? What drives you to the point of exhaustion and sacrifice for the chance of it? Whatever it is, stay obsessed my friends!

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Our 'Anti-Oil' Friend May 23, 2016 19:17 | Author: Alexandria Purnell

Meet Mia.  She's a super duper close friend of the both of us. But Mia is a non-oiler ... wait ... an ANTI-oiler.  Can't - Won't tolerate any of our "oil chatter".  She had a bad experience with an old boss who used her position to push oils on her and other employees and now Mia wants nothing to do with essential oilsWe don't blame her!  That certainly would have left a bad taste in our mouth too.  Well May is her birthday month and I love joke presents. Last year, I framed a photo of myself and gave it to her.  Ha ha ha! This year, Amy & I joked that we should give her an oil tank and lots and lots of oil samples.  But we also know she would used both to wash her dog. So we designed her, her very own statement tee:  ~ NOPE @oilfairyberry and @essentialoilstyle ~   a declaration against our knee-deep involvement within the essential oil world.  It's a tank she'll wear and we want her to wear it!  Because guess what Mia, it still has an oil drop and the words "essential oil" on it.  Booyah!     

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Mermade Market - Dana Point, CA April 14, 2016 11:47 | Author: Alexandria Purnell








Amy and I went to Mermade Market in nearby Dana Point, CA to visit our friend The Healing Hippy.  Mermade Market is a hand-curated marketplace for local artesians. Kassy hand makes all her products with organic ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils...of course!  We ooh'ed and awed at all the cute handcrafted items. I bought some Healing Hippy deodorant, which smells divine!

Afterwards, Amy and I went to dinner at The Waterman . Thank goodness she's a foodie like me, We shared two rounds of oysters, lemongrass cocktails, watched the sunset over the harbor.  Geez, kind of sounds 'romantical', doesn't it?  LOL This was sort of a thank-you and late birthday dinner for my dear friend and creative partner. It was so fun and tax deductible ( hey we DID talk business!)

Oh and Fangirl alert! The next day there was a Lauren Conrad sighting at the Mermade Market ...I totally missed the opportunity to see Amy stalk her ! One day I'll  tell you about Amy and Gordon Ramsey LOL.


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Natural Health Products West Expo - Anaheim CA March 13, 2016 11:32 | Author: Alexandria Purnell








Today, I had the privilege of attending the Natural Products Expo here in Southern California. It’s an industry-only event for companies to showcase their newest products in the natural product space.

My client PlantFusion was the one who got me the hottest ticket in town. Here is the bag I designed for them or should I call it my trick or treat bag? I scored lots of organic and natural goodies. This place was my Mecca!  The two best products I had were, raw vegan chocolate truffles from Rawkin Raw . They were made with spirulina and cayenne pepper OMG I need more!  And another delicious product that I will be purchasing in the future was a plant-based spreads by Kite Hill . Creamy, smooth, rich in flavor, the best plant-based spreads I have ever tasted it and I'm not even vegan!

On a side note:  Essential Oils and Essential Oil Products were everywhere! A good sign that more and more consumers are headed that way, don't you think?


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Tanks and Tees and Tops - Oh My! February 24, 2016 10:11 | Author: Alexandria Purnell

Customer Feedback has been, wanting a wider variety of tops. Scoops or V's, along with a long sleeve option seems to be the consensus.  I personally would like to offer these options not as t-shirts , but as fashionable tops, the customer could dress up.  The material would also have to print well and make sense to have a graphic on it. Getting samples from Bella Canvas and Next Level to see which works best. 




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Business Lunch - Lake Forest, CA January 18, 2016 11:21 | Author: Alexandria Purnell

It's January! Wait, already? I personally love the new year, all the distractions are gone and I have the space needed to reflect and reassess on how I want this year to be different.    My friend and business partner Amy AKA Oil Fairy Berry   and I met for lunch to talk goals! Both our business are only six-seven months old, but when you have put this much time and effort into it, feels much older. Amy took me to her favorite lunch place Pho Ha Noi and we had a PHO-tastic business lunch with a clear focus and plan for both our businesses.  Bringing it for 2016!                                                                                                                           





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