Natural Health Products West Expo - Anaheim CA March 13, 2016 11:32








Today, I had the privilege of attending the Natural Products Expo here in Southern California. It’s an industry-only event for companies to showcase their newest products in the natural product space.

My client PlantFusion was the one who got me the hottest ticket in town. Here is the bag I designed for them or should I call it my trick or treat bag? I scored lots of organic and natural goodies. This place was my Mecca!  The two best products I had were, raw vegan chocolate truffles from Rawkin Raw . They were made with spirulina and cayenne pepper OMG I need more!  And another delicious product that I will be purchasing in the future was a plant-based spreads by Kite Hill . Creamy, smooth, rich in flavor, the best plant-based spreads I have ever tasted it and I'm not even vegan!

On a side note:  Essential Oils and Essential Oil Products were everywhere! A good sign that more and more consumers are headed that way, don't you think?


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