Our 'Anti-Oil' Friend May 23, 2016 19:17

Meet Mia.  She's a super duper close friend of the both of us. But Mia is a non-oiler ... wait ... an ANTI-oiler.  Can't - Won't tolerate any of our "oil chatter".  She had a bad experience with an old boss who used her position to push oils on her and other employees and now Mia wants nothing to do with essential oilsWe don't blame her!  That certainly would have left a bad taste in our mouth too.  Well May is her birthday month and I love joke presents. Last year, I framed a photo of myself and gave it to her.  Ha ha ha! This year, Amy & I joked that we should give her an oil tank and lots and lots of oil samples.  But we also know she would used both to wash her dog. So we designed her, her very own statement tee:  ~ NOPE @oilfairyberry and @essentialoilstyle ~   a declaration against our knee-deep involvement within the essential oil world.  It's a tank she'll wear and we want her to wear it!  Because guess what Mia, it still has an oil drop and the words "essential oil" on it.  Booyah!     

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