Meet The Cholo Oiler April 21, 2018 09:35 42 Comments


Psst Hey ..come want something that makes you feel good?
Come here!!  
It’s legal man! It’s Essential oils!
Essential oils are the real deal, Esé !

Check ‘dis out; So they use to call me “Loco”
and then I started using Lavender every day
and now they call me “Dreamer”  

My homie, “Shorty” he started using peppermint oil
and now they call him….well….they-still-call-him “Shorty”.
But now Shorty can take on Scrappy when they get in to it.

Check ‘dis out
These used to represent my tears for every of one my homies who’s died,
Now they represent oil drops for every Vato and Vata who’s purchased an oil starter kit from me.

Yeah I sell essential oils!
Yeah I’m in Network Marketing!  
What’s it to you dawg?
You prejudice?????

So if you want the down low about the essential oil culture that’s taking over the streets Homes, Follow Essential Oil Style on Facebook and Instagram,
They sell the dopest oil shirts even for us homies ...

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