About Us

About Us

Let's start with who we're not:  We're not a couple of 'oil gals' who suddenly decided to start designing t-shirts, nah!  We are professional graphic designers who yes, love oils, but also are experienced in brand development, brand messaging and marketing.  In the beginning, we researched the oil tees that were being produced and cringed ! So we set out to do better.


Essential Oil Style has become the leader in inventive messaging and prolific designs, all created with the 'oilpreneur' in mind. Our designs up-level the stale 'oiler image' while at the same time work as clever prompts for conversation. We are not just a 't-shirt company',  we are your marketing partners in your Essential Oil business.     


There is a lot more to come in the tools that we will be offering for you and your business. Follow our story through our blog and our super fun feed on Instagram and Facebook.







Alex Purnell, owner of Artini Bar Design, has combined her love for graphic design, commitment to natural living and desire to support the small business entrepreneur into her newest passion, Essential Oil Style

“This whole idea all came together during a hike with Amy, May of 2015. I had witnessed Amy's health transformation through oils and was so excited to see her helping others through dōTERRA. At the same time, I was sharing my business plan to include t-shirt designs.  It was sort of kismet when Amy asked for a 'cute oil t-shirt' because she couldn't find one that she would ever wear.  Let's just say I owe Amy many lobster dinners for that idea." 

Alex's other loves include writing, yoga and jokingly calls herself "Game Show Queen". Alex has been on a total of EIGHT games shows and have won on SEVEN of them. Alex lives in Orange County with her husband, Adam and they have one beautiful and brilliant daughter, Remington, who attends Seattle University.  Follow Alex's humorous musing about her life on Facebook and Twitter 





Amy Berry is a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and also a seasoned graphic designer. Amy was The Art Director at The Michael Clifford Group, a real estate firm where she and Alex met and worked together back in 2003. Today, Amy is not only Essential Oil Style's Brand Ambassador, but now heads the children’s wear division

"This children's line is inspired by my son's quotes having to do with essential oils. He is quite the clever cat when it comes to one liners. Oils have changed so many of our lives, it's amazing to see how they also impact our children."  

Amy also enjoys crafting, wine tasting and painting. She's married to her high school sweetheart Sean and mommy to 7-year old Shane, who is her everything!  Amy's powerful testimony on how essential oils completely transformed her health is a story not to be missed!  Follow Amy's life and wellness tips on Instagram and Facebook.   


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