Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Hey-Hi!! If you’ve clicked here, it must mean you care a lot about your data privacy and the recent GDPR implementation. And for those who don’t know; GDPR is a EU's legislation that aims to ensure that individuals’ personal data is handled with caution and care. And even if this wasn’t a new regulation, we personally value privacy and consider it our duty to treat our customers how we want to be know, because of karma and all.  

Just a who’s who in this story before we start….

We = Essential Oil Style, LLC

You = Our past, current and potential customers

The Processor (dun dunt da dunnn) = Processor of the data would be payment centers such Paypal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and our eCommerce platform that our store is built on, Shopify

The Controller  =  The Controller of the data would be us, Essential Oil Style, LLC ( Although meditation and lavender oil helps a lot with our controlling issues)

Personal Data We Collect

If you have reached out to us through our contact form, chat app or email; we collect your name, so we don’t have to call you Dude or Dudette. But we do tend to use “Hun” and “Love” a lot even after we know your name. We also collect your email for any follow-ups after our conversation and/or future announcements about our store.

If you have purchased with us; we may have your mobile number, if SMS messaging was your preferred method of communication about your order.  We also have the address your order was shipped to, which may or may not be your home address.

If you signed up for our newsletter, there is an optional field to include the month and day of your birth date. No, we do not create an astrological chart to predict what items you may be drawn to on certain days of the year and then market them to you (although that would be brilliant). The only thing we do with the information is send out a $5.00 off coupon on your birthday once a year….whoop-de-doo!

If you took our "What's Your Essential Oil Style" Quiz, there is an optional field to include your email, so we will have those in our database.

While on a product page, if you subscribed to our messenger list, you have given us permission to communicate with you through Facebook messenger. So we have a separate list of customers we know it's OK to message through Facebook.

We do not collect or store credit card information. Nor do we store your billing address.  Check out our green padlock  Lockin left of our web address. The green padlock represents that traffic to and from this website is encrypted. Encryption means no one else but you can read any credit card details and/or any passwords you enter here.  Never enter your CC info without seeing this icon. The only thing we can see is what payment method you have chosen to pay with and the last four digits of that card.

Our customer database is held with a 3rd party, company called MailChimp. MailChimp, is also GDPR compliant and has annually certified to EU/US and Swiss Safe Harbor Frameworks since 2007.

Personal Data Our 3rd Party Apps Collect

Essential Oil Style is built on an eCommerce platform through Shopify, Shopify would be the “processor” of your data when you make a purchase. Shopify is GDPR compliant. Shopify runs a “risk and fraud screening” with info that have at checkout where Shopify automatically can block a payment card number or IP address after a certain number of unsuccessful payment attempts.

Shopify also provides us analytics on our store’s performance and keep customer’s name, email, order history in a database that is only accessible to us, Essential Oil Style.

We have GDPR compliant 3rd Party Apps that can market and/or track guests who’s browser accept cookies and has visited our site. We do this for marketing, analytics and for affiliates sales.  As a part of our compliance we just installed a Block non-essential JavaScript for our EU users, no cookie will be added unless EU customer has granted consent. For U.S. customers, your browser's default setting is on, but you are still in control. You can turn your cookies off through your browser settings.

Use of your data

We never sell or give your data to anyone. If an eligible prince happens to see your photo on our site and asks us "Who is that beautiful creature?" , we promise to ask you for permission before we give him your name and contact info.

We see our newsletters a little like greeting cards, we send them out on special events. We have an easy opt-out for you if you wish not to receive them any longer.

For our VIP customers, we’ve been known to send “sump-ting sump-ting” in the mail at Christmas time. We determine VIP status based on order history.

Your rights

You have a right to access, correct, update, or request deletion of your personal information at anytime. Please email for your request . The End.


Alternate Ending to this Story

.....and all the bad guys who stole and used innocent people's personal data, were banished to an island without WiFi and the rest of the world lived happily ever after.

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