Essential Oil Style Memes: Book One: From Skeptic to Leader Essential Oil Style Memes: Book One: From Skeptic to Leader

Essential Oil Style Memes: Book One: From Skeptic to Leader

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We have collected our most viral funny memes for Book One: From Skeptic to Leader and it is now available on Amazon!

If you follow Essential Oil Style on social media, you with thousands of others already know the spot-on observations and disruptive humor of Alex Purnell, owner and founder of Essential Oil Style.

“Essential Oil Style just gets us.”

“Can’t get enough of your memes”

“I’m obsessed with this page. These quotes always have me laughing”

“You never disappoint @ Essential.Oil.Style”

The best of Essential Oil Style memes are now collected in a series of books. Over 50 memes per book. Viral memes such as: "I call myself a wellness advocate only because FREAKIN' AWESOME MIRACLE WORKER is non-compliant" and "Sometimes I look at my oil concoctions and I realize I'm one 'eye of a spider' and 'toe of a frog' away from being a witch" are all together in one convenient place for your reading pleasure!

Although each page stands alone as a meme, Book One: From Skeptic to Leader is organized and structured in a story format told by an unlikely hero. She’s uneasy and uncomfortable with this whole ‘oil thing.’ It’s too hippie, it’s too witchy, it’s too… everything! But as she experiences her health and her life improving through the power of oils, her courage to share grows, and that same courage powers her as she takes the huge leap into building both a team and a business.

Like any hero’s journey, her new oil life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns; she must figure out this new world with unfamiliar rules and values while being tested by family, friends, and naysayers. As flawed and unpolished as ever, with her newfound strength she is able to rise and become a true leader. Yup, with a smirk on her face and bergamot on her wrists, she’s so ready to take on whatever comes her way.

Each snapshot of our hero's thoughts and feelings is giftwrapped in darkish, self-depreciating humor laid out on a single 8x10 page for the option of cutting and framing to remind you of your own oil journey.


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