Essential Oil Style Memes: Book Two: From Sassy to Smart Assy

Essential Oil Style Memes: Book Two: From Sassy to Smart Assy

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We have collected our most viral funny memes for Book Two: From Sassy to Smart Assy and it is now available on Amazon!

If you follow Essential Oil Style on social media, you with thousands of others already know the spot-on observations and disruptive humor of Alex Purnell, owner and founder of Essential Oil Style.

“Essential Oil Style just gets us.”

“Can’t get enough of your memes”

“I’m obsessed with this page. These quotes always have me laughing”

“You never disappoint @ Essential.Oil.Style”

The best of Essential Oil Style memes are now collected in a series of books. Over 50 memes per book.

Book Two: From Sassy to Smart Assy provides a fun ride through common alter egos.

Sure, on the surface we essential oilers might seem all sunshine and rainbows - but let’s be real here. Every one of us has a few alter egos we would prefer to keep hidden, especially when we’ve been touting about how much oils have changed our lives. But, like it or not, they are part of who we are, and it just wouldn’t be fair to keep them bottled up! You might recognize some of them…

‘The Wino,’ who’s driven and determined up until about 4:59ish, then magically makes stress disappear with a simple “bippity boppity Bordeaux”; ‘The Gangsta,’ who’s so excited she FINALLY has a crew and is ready to roll up and pop off on any disbelieving fool; ‘The Hot Mess,’ whose love of oils closely competes with her love of braless ice cream and Netflix binges; and ‘The Smart Assy,’ who wants to save humanity, except she doesn’t like people very much. Please don’t provoke her.

Oh, hello there, ‘Negative Nancy,’ no, we didn’t forget you… seriously, we didn’t.

Well, no judgements here. In this book, we’re going to laugh and embrace all our different alter egos… yes, even that Naughty one!

Put the kids to bed and pour yourself a glass of wine!

Each snapshot of our hero's thoughts and feelings is giftwrapped in darkish, self-depreciating humor laid out on a single 8x10 page for the option of cutting and framing to remind you of your own oil journey.


This book is now available on Amazon. If you live in the U.S. and have Prime Account CLICK HERE for the fastest and cheapest delivery.

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